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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
37.571-10367-16.11.0Rel-16New NR PRS-RSRP test case 16.3.1 Details R5-221208 agreedRP-220103approved16.12.0
37.571-10366-16.11.0Rel-16New NR PRS-RSRP test case 16.2.2 Details R5-221207 agreedRP-220103approved16.12.0
37.571-10365-16.11.0Rel-16New NR PRS-RSRP test case 16.2.1 Details R5-221206 agreedRP-220103approved16.12.0
37.571-10364-16.11.0Rel-16New NR RSTD test case 14.3.2 Details R5-221205 agreedRP-220103approved16.12.0
37.571-10363-16.11.0Rel-16New NR RSTD test case 14.3.1 Details R5-221204 agreedRP-220103approved16.12.0
37.571-10362-16.11.0Rel-16New NR RSTD test case 14.2.2 Details R5-221203 agreedRP-220103approved16.12.0
37.571-10361-16.11.0Rel-16New NR RSTD test case 14.2.1 Details R5-221202 agreedRP-220103approved16.12.0
37.571-10360-16.11.0Rel-16Update for the signal conditions for FR2 test cases Details R5-221201 agreedRP-220103approved16.12.0
37.571-10359-16.11.0Rel-16Update test applicability to allow for support of limited GNSS combinations Details R5-220535 agreedRP-220122approved16.12.0
37.571-10358-16.11.0Rel-16Update test applicability to allow for support of limited GNSS combinations for 5G tests Details R5-220534 agreedRP-220071approved16.12.0
37.571-10357116.11.0Rel-16Addition of UE Rx-Tx time difference measurement test uncertainties and test parameter relaxations Details R5-221887 agreedRP-220103approved16.12.0
37.571-10356-16.11.0Rel-16Addition of test cases for UE Rx-Tx time difference measurement period Details R5-220518 agreedRP-220103approved16.12.0