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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.2890078118.1.0Rel-18Update to de-announcement Details S6-221418 agreedSP-220480approved18.2.0
23.2890077118.1.0Rel-18UE session join notification message name alignment Details S6-221417 agreedSP-220480approved18.2.0
23.2890076118.1.0Rel-18Format corrections to clause Details S6-221416 agreedSP-220480approved18.2.0
23.2890075118.1.0Rel-18Clarification on GC1 in clause 4.7 Details S6-221415 agreedSP-220480approved18.2.0
23.2890074-18.1.0Rel-18Add MBS service announcement acknowledge Details S6-221212 agreedSP-220480approved18.2.0
23.2890073-18.1.0Rel-18Removing unicast bearer status from eMBMS bearer information Details S6-221101 agreedSP-220480approved18.2.0
23.2890072118.1.0Rel-18Updating 5QI information element in the discover MBS session response Details S6-221269 agreedSP-220480approved18.2.0
23.2890071118.1.0Rel-18Including MBS FSA ID into the location information report Details S6-221268 agreedSP-220480approved18.2.0
23.2890069118.1.0Rel-18Updating network slicing requirements for MC services (Rel-18) Details S6-221266 agreedSP-220475approved18.2.0
23.2890068218.1.0Rel-18Call connect and disconnect over 5G MBS for MCData Details S6-221384 agreedSP-220480approved18.2.0
23.2890067118.1.0Rel-18Rename “MBS service announcement” to “MBS session announcement” for self consistency in the spec Details S6-221282 agreedSP-220480approved18.2.0
23.2890064318.1.0Rel-18Architectural and functional model for 5G MBS mission critical UE Details S6-221408 agreedSP-220480approved18.2.0
23.2890060118.1.0Rel-18Resolve the EN on SA4 aspect Details S6-220911 agreedSP-220480approved18.2.0
23.2890059118.1.0Rel-18Resolve the EN in clause 5.2 Details S6-220910 agreedSP-220480approved18.2.0
23.2890058-18.1.0Rel-18Resolve the EN about architecture and reference alignment in clause 4.7.1 Details S6-220709 agreedSP-220480approved18.2.0
23.2890057118.1.0Rel-18Update to broadcast MBS sessions monitoring and the reception quality of the MBS session Details S6-220767 agreedSP-220480approved18.2.0
23.2890056118.1.0Rel-18Update to 5G MBS service announcement Details S6-220766 agreedSP-220480approved18.2.0
23.2890055-18.1.0Rel-18Small editorial corrections Details S6-220691 agreedSP-220480approved18.2.0
23.2890054-18.1.0Rel-18Corrections in MBS UE session join notification Details S6-220690 agreedSP-220480approved18.2.0
23.2890053-18.1.0Rel-18Corrections to the use of MC service system Details S6-220675 agreedSP-220476approved18.2.0
23.2890052118.1.0Rel-18Requirements related to 5G ProSe Layer-3 relaying via N3IWF Details S6-220763 agreedSP-220479approved18.2.0
23.2890051118.1.0Rel-18Update to service continuity procedure from 5G ProSe UE-to-network relay to an MBS session Details S6-220762 agreedSP-220479approved18.2.0
23.2890050118.1.0Rel-18Update to service continuity procedure from an MBS session to 5G ProSe UE-to-network relay Details S6-220761 agreedSP-220479approved18.2.0
23.2890049118.1.0Rel-18Clarifications related to multi carrier support for MBS session update Details S6-220760 agreedSP-220480approved18.2.0
23.2890048118.1.0Rel-18Clarifications related to multi carrier support for MBS session creation and announcement Details S6-220759 agreedSP-220480approved18.2.0