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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
32.2910407-17.2.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 32.291 Update OpenAPI version Details S5-223726 agreedSP-220496approved17.3.0
32.2910405117.2.0Rel-17CR 32.291 Update Nchf_ConvergedCharging service API for Edge Computing Details S5-223675 agreedSP-220519approved17.3.0
32.2910404117.2.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 32.291 Introduce Data Type for 5G ProSe charging Details S5-223679 agreedSP-220522approved17.3.0
32.2910403117.2.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 32.291 Introduce Binding for 5G Prose charging Details S5-223678 agreedSP-220522approved17.3.0
32.2910402117.2.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 32.291 Introduce OpenAPI extension for 5G ProSe charging Details S5-223676 agreedSP-220522approved17.3.0
32.2910400117.2.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 32.291 Correction on the Time attribute Details S5-223689 agreedSP-220565approved17.3.0
32.2910398117.2.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 32.291 Correction on the QoS Monitoring Report Details S5-223693 agreedSP-220518approved17.3.0
32.2910395117.2.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 32.291 RedirectAdresssType datatype missing Details S5-223690 agreedSP-220496approved17.3.0
32.2910393-17.2.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 32.291 Correcting IMS called identity as array Details S5-223101 agreedSP-220520approved17.3.0
32.2910392117.2.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 32.291 Missing IMS binding Details S5-223682 agreedSP-220520approved17.3.0
32.2910389-17.2.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 32.291 Correcting error handling Details S5-223088 agreedSP-220496approved17.3.0
32.2910387-17.2.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 32.291 Correcting V-SMF as node functionality Details S5-222774 agreedSP-220564approved17.3.0
32.2910386-17.2.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 32.291 Correcting IMS triggering for PLMN change Details S5-222772 agreedSP-220564approved17.3.0
32.2910385117.2.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 32.291 Correction on the identifiers for NEF API Charging information Details S5-222802 agreedSP-220565approved17.3.0
32.2910372217.2.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 32.291 Correcting response code 5xx Details S5-223695 agreedSP-220496approved17.3.0
32.2910370217.2.0Rel-17Rel-17 CR 32.291 Correcting response code 3xx Details S5-223694 agreedSP-220496approved17.3.0