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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
23.5030726117.4.0Rel-17Replacement of AM policy terminology Details S2-2204940 agreedSP-220410approved17.5.0
23.5030725117.4.0Rel-17Clarifications for traffic steering Details S2-2204939 agreedSP-220410approved17.5.0
23.5030724117.4.0Rel-17Traffic identification based on AF provided ToS/TC Details S2-2204730 agreedSP-220410approved17.5.0
23.5030719117.4.0Rel-17ENPN: Correction to URSP provisioning when UE accesses an SNPN using CH credentials Details S2-2203425 agreedSP-220400approved17.5.0
23.5030718117.4.0Rel-17Alignment of description for support of Time Sensitive Communication and Time Synchronization Details S2-2203238 agreedSP-220404approved17.5.0
23.5030717-17.4.0Rel-17PCF response when rejecting an AF session with required QoS Details S2-2202685 agreedSP-220404approved17.5.0
23.5030716117.4.0Rel-17Clarifications for eNPN related description Details S2-2203424 agreedSP-220400approved17.5.0
23.5030714-17.4.0Rel-17Corrections for 5GS Bridge Information reporting and subscription Details S2-2202520 agreedSP-220404approved17.5.0
23.5030712217.4.0Rel-17Number of TFT filters exceeding allowed limit for 5GS to EPS interworking Details S2-2204727 agreedSP-220410approved17.5.0
23.5030709117.4.0Rel-17Corrections to the UE-Slice-MBR Details S2-2203035 agreedSP-220401approved17.5.0
23.5030708117.4.0Rel-17Outcome of UE Policies delivery procedure Details S2-2203428 agreedSP-220398approved17.5.0