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24.5014641-17.7.1Rel-17Addition of the length value of the Negotiated eDRX parameters IE Details C1-225402 agreedCP-222155approved17.8.0
24.5014639217.7.1Rel-17Setting RRC establishment cause value when relay UE has its own service Details C1-225452 agreedCP-222146approved17.8.0
24.5014636117.7.1Rel-17SUPI from USIM for AKA based SNPN Details C1-225186 agreedCP-222137approved17.8.0
24.5014625217.7.1Rel-17Clarification on timer instance associated with the entry Details C1-225188 agreedCP-222159approved17.8.0
24.5014624217.7.1Rel-17Clarification on handling related to #78 Details C1-225302 agreedCP-222159approved17.8.0
24.5014621117.7.1Rel-17Correction to timers of multicast/broadcast services Details C1-225159 agreedCP-222151approved17.8.0
24.5014620117.7.1Rel-17Resolving EN on KSEAF derivation indicator in USIM Details C1-225232 agreedCP-222137approved17.8.0
24.5014619117.7.1Rel-17Rejection of paging correction Details C1-225231 agreedCP-222139approved17.8.0
24.5014617117.7.1Rel-17ProSe relay transaction identity as a type 3 IE Details C1-225401 agreedCP-222146approved17.8.0
24.5014616117.7.1Rel-17Introducing the 5GPRUK ID in the Relay key Request procedure Details C1-225388 agreedCP-222146approved17.8.0
24.5014615117.7.1Rel-17Some corrections related to the Relay Key Request procedure Details C1-225387 agreedCP-222146approved17.8.0
24.5014614117.7.1Rel-17Resolving the ENs related to the UE Identities used in the Remote UE report procedure Details C1-225380 agreedCP-222146approved17.8.0
24.5014613-17.7.1Rel-17Harmonization for the "paging restriction" terminology for MUSIM UE Details C1-224956 agreedCP-222139approved17.8.0
24.5014610117.7.1Rel-17MBS Security keys update to the UE Details C1-225346 agreedCP-222151approved17.8.0
24.5014609-17.7.1Rel-17Correction for the condition of including the Security container in the Received MBS container IE Details C1-224949 agreedCP-222151approved17.8.0
24.5014607-17.7.1Rel-17Delivering list of keys in MBS Security container Details C1-224947 agreedCP-222151approved17.8.0
24.5014598117.7.1Rel-17Correction on Service-level-AA container IEI Details C1-225341 agreedCP-222143approved17.8.0
24.5014596117.7.1Rel-17Correction on the rejected NSSAI due to maximum number of UEs reached Details C1-225340 agreedCP-222140approved17.8.0
24.5014591-17.7.1Rel-17Service-level-AA timer name correction Details C1-224927 agreedCP-222143approved17.8.0
24.5014587117.7.1Rel-17Request to join MBS session during establishment procedure Details C1-225315 agreedCP-222151approved17.8.0
24.5014586-17.7.1Rel-17MBS session maintenance after handover Details C1-224918 agreedCP-222151approved17.8.0
24.5014585117.7.1Rel-17PDU session status IE handling for MBS session Details C1-225314 agreedCP-222151approved17.8.0
24.5014584117.7.1Rel-17Clarification on the determination of outside the MBS service area Details C1-225313 agreedCP-222151approved17.8.0
24.5014583117.7.1Rel-17MBS back-off timer for IP address Details C1-225312 agreedCP-222151approved17.8.0
24.5014582117.7.1Rel-17MBS session maintenance when releasing user-plane resources of a MA PDU session Details C1-225311 agreedCP-222151approved17.8.0
24.5014568117.7.1Rel-17Providing TMGI to lower layer for paging Details C1-225299 agreedCP-222151approved17.8.0
24.5014566217.7.1Rel-17Associate NSSRG values with HPLMN S-NSSAI Details C1-225307 agreedCP-222140approved17.8.0
24.5014560117.7.1Rel-17IEI assignment for the NSAG information IE Details C1-225310 agreedCP-222158approved17.8.0
24.5014557-17.7.1Rel-17HPLMN S-NSSAI in case of SNPN Details C1-224868 agreedCP-222137approved17.8.0
24.5014556117.7.1Rel-17Current TAI Details C1-225171 agreedCP-222159approved17.8.0
24.5014553117.7.1Rel-17Providing HPLMN ID together with PRUK ID in 64-bit string format Details C1-225403 agreedCP-222146approved17.8.0
24.5014549117.7.1Rel-17PVS information in SMF Details C1-225151 agreedCP-222137approved17.8.0
24.5014548117.7.1Rel-17Put the NOTE about network slice used for onboarding under correponding bullet Details C1-225150 agreedCP-222137approved17.8.0
24.5014542117.7.1Rel-17Correction on serving PLMN rate control Details C1-225324 agreedCP-222147approved17.8.0
24.5014538117.7.1Rel-17The RAN paging handling for MUSIM UE in 5GS Details C1-225322 agreedCP-222139approved17.8.0
24.5014535117.7.1Rel-17Update of conditions for deleting entries in # 78 list Details C1-225337 agreedCP-222159approved17.8.0
24.5014534117.7.1Rel-17Add satellite E-UTRAN in TS 24.501 Details C1-225336 agreedCP-222156approved17.8.0
24.5014533-17.7.1Rel-17Suggest simplifying the selection of current TAI Details C1-224793 agreedCP-222159approved17.8.0
24.5014526117.7.1Rel-17Condition of returning REGISTRATION COMPLETE by UE Details C1-225279 agreedCP-222168approved17.8.0
24.5014525117.7.1Rel-17Provide new NSSRG information to UE Details C1-225278 agreedCP-222140approved17.8.0
24.5014518117.7.1Rel-17MPS exemption in Attempting to Register Details C1-225177 agreedCP-222163approved17.8.0
24.5014514117.7.1Rel-17Correction to timer T35xx Details C1-225155 agreedCP-222145approved17.8.0
24.5014501117.7.1Rel-17New 5QI values to support Advance Interactive Services (AIS) in 5G Details C1-225088 agreedCP-222147approved17.8.0
24.5014499117.7.1Rel-17NSSRG and allowed NSSAI for the other access Details C1-225225 agreedCP-222140approved17.8.0
24.5014498117.7.1Rel-17MPS exemption in Attempting to reRegister Details C1-225175 agreedCP-222163approved17.8.0
24.5014495117.7.1Rel-17Additional parameter with generic UE configuration update procedure Details C1-225228 agreedCP-222140approved17.8.0
24.5014492-17.7.1Rel-17Clarification on indicating the EDC support to network Details C1-224711 agreedCP-222148approved17.8.0
24.5014491117.7.1Rel-17Handling of the MBS multicast session on local release of PDU session Details C1-225334 agreedCP-222151approved17.8.0
24.5014487117.7.1Rel-17Clarification on the expiry of T3586 timer Details C1-225333 agreedCP-222145approved17.8.0
24.5014484117.7.1Rel-17NSAG priority Details C1-225241 agreedCP-222158approved17.8.0
24.5014483117.7.1Rel-17Support NSAG for SNPN Details C1-225240 agreedCP-222158approved17.8.0
24.5014482217.7.1Rel-17Correction to ECS Address Provisioning Details C1-225164 agreedCP-222148approved17.8.0
24.5014476117.7.1Rel-17Alignment of terminology in current TAI definition Details C1-225253 agreedCP-222159approved17.8.0
24.5014475117.7.1Rel-17Extended NAS timers based on satellite NG-RAN RAT type Details C1-225252 agreedCP-222159approved17.8.0
24.5014471117.7.1Rel-17Indicating the deletion or invalidation of the NSAG information to lower layers Details C1-225397 agreedCP-222158approved17.8.0
24.5014470117.7.1Rel-17Update related to the NSAG information IE Details C1-225396 agreedCP-222158approved17.8.0
24.5014469117.7.1Rel-17The consideration of avoiding unnecessary TAI change Details C1-225395 agreedCP-222159approved17.8.0
24.5014458-17.7.1Rel-17Use the term "5G ProSe" Details C1-224622 agreedCP-222144approved17.8.0
24.5014457117.7.1Rel-17Remove secondary authentication for U2N relay Details C1-225112 agreedCP-222145approved17.8.0
24.5014456-17.7.1Rel-17Add ProSeP request in UAC Details C1-224620 agreedCP-222144approved17.8.0
24.5014455117.7.1Rel-17UAC not applied to L2 relay Details C1-225111 agreedCP-222145approved17.8.0
24.5014452117.7.1Rel-17Clarification that the NSAG information is sent over 3GPP aceess only Details C1-225200 agreedCP-222158approved17.8.0
24.5014450117.7.1Rel-17Clarification that the NSAG information can not be sent with a request to perform the registration procedure Details C1-225321 agreedCP-222158approved17.8.0
24.5014448117.7.1Rel-17Remote UE IP info of REMOTE UE REPORT for IPv4 Details C1-225368 agreedCP-222145approved17.8.0
24.5014446117.7.1Rel-17Alignment with SA3 on 5G AKA and EAP-AKA' based primary authentication and key agreement procedure used for onboarding services in SNPN Details C1-225358 agreedCP-222137approved17.8.0
24.5014445117.7.1Rel-17Precedence between PVS addresses or PVS names Details C1-225353 agreedCP-222137approved17.8.0
24.5014444-17.7.1Rel-17PVS addresses for NSSAA not associated with DNN Details C1-224568 agreedCP-222137approved17.8.0
24.5014442117.7.1Rel-17Correction for default UE credentials Details C1-225351 agreedCP-222137approved17.8.0
24.5014440-17.7.1Rel-17Errors in PLMN ID IE Details C1-224560 agreedCP-222152approved17.8.0