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Spec #CR #Revision #Impacted VersionTarget ReleaseTitleWG TDoc #WG statusTSG TDoc #TSG statusNew Version
38.3060703-17.0.0Rel-17Release-17 UE capabilities based on R1 and R4 feature lists (TS38.306) Details R2-2204838     
38.3312998-17.0.0Rel-17Release-17 UE capabilities based on R1 and R4 feature lists (TS38.331) Details R2-2204839     
38.4010213-17.0.0Rel-17CR to TS 38.401 Clarifications on RA-SDT overall procedures Details R3-223279     
38.4010184-16.7.0Rel-17Support of NR Small Data Transmissions in INACTIVE state Details R3-215003     
38.4010182-16.7.0Rel-17BLCR 38.401 for support of SDT Details R3-214848     
38.4200024-16.0.0Rel-17RA-SDT BLCR to TS 38.420 Details R3-221207 endorsed   
38.4230822-17.0.0Rel-17Correction for Rel-17 RA-SDT with anchor relocation Details R3-223500     
38.4230786-17.0.0Rel-17SDT corrections over Xn Details R3-223169     
38.4230775-17.0.0Rel-17Correction on RACH based SDT Details R3-223111     
38.4230712-16.7.0Rel-17Support of RACH-based SDT over Xn Details R3-215710     
38.4230692-16.7.0Rel-17Support of NR SDT over Xn Details R3-215280     
38.4230679-16.7.0Rel-17Supporting of RACH based SDT Details R3-215001     
38.4630660-16.7.0Rel-17CR to 38.463 on support of SDT in E1 interface Details R3-215750     
38.4730935-17.0.0Rel-17ASN.1 Correction for Rel-17 CG-SDT on SDT-CG-Config container Details R3-223502     
38.4730876-17.0.0Rel-17SDT corrections over F1 Details R3-223170     
38.4730868-17.0.0Rel-17Correction on CG based SDT Details R3-223112     
38.4730867-17.0.0Rel-17The method on how to buffer the CG-SDT data Details R3-223110     
38.4730831-16.7.0Rel-17Support of CG-SDT in CU-DU split Details R3-215712     
38.4730818-16.7.0Rel-17Support of NR SDT over F1 Details R3-215282