WI # 650028 - IMS_TELEP_S4
Name: Media Handling Aspects of IMS-based Telepresence
Acronym: IMS_TELEP_S4
Effective Acronym: IMS_TELEP_S4
WI Level: Feature (1st level)
Type: Work Item
Status: PCG approved
Release: Rel-13
Start date: 2014-09-09
End date: 2017-03-15
Remarks (3)
Creation dateAuthorRemark
2015-04-02 15:00 UTC
Can be seen as an "enhancement" of Rel-12 IMS-based Telepresence (IMS_TELEP) UID_530042.
2015-03-05 15:41 UTC
Mar. 15: 20%
2015-01-22 12:40 UTC
Triggered by Rel-12 IMS-based Telepresence (IMS_TELEP) UID_530042
Parent Work Item: None
Child Work Items:
TR on Media Handling Aspects of IMS-based Telepresence
Specification on Media Handling Aspects of IMS-based Telepresence
(IETF) Protocol for Controlling Multiple Streams for Telepresence (CLUE) (draft-ietf-clue-protocol)
(IETF) Mapping RTP streams to CLUE media captures (draft-ietf-clue-rtp-mapping)
Deleted - (IETF) DTLS Encapsulation of SCTP Packets (draft-ietf-tsvwg-sctp-dtls-encaps)
(IETF) Using Simulcast in SDP and RTP Sessions (draft-ietf-mmusic-sdp-simulcast)
Responsible group(s): S4
Rapporteur(s): Ozgur Oyman (Intel)
Latest WID version: SP-140483
TSG Approval meeting: 65
PCG Approval meeting: 33
TSG Stopped meeting: -
PCG Stopped meeting: -
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