WI # 890047 - NR_CLI-UEConTest
Name: UE Conformance Test Aspects - Cross Link Interference (CLI) handling for NR
Acronym: NR_CLI-UEConTest
Effective Acronym: NR_CLI-UEConTest
WI Level: Building Block (2nd level)
Type: Work Item
Status: PCG approved
Release: Rel-16
Start date: 2020-09-17
End date: 2022-12-22
Remarks (3)
Creation dateAuthorRemark
2022-06-21 13:05 UTC
20/6/22: FCD:17/12/2021->22/12/2022; Compl:5%->19%; Stat Rep: ->RP-221247; Rapporteur: Qualcomm->Vijay Balasubramanian; Rap eMail: ->vijayb@qti.qualcomm.c...
2021-04-08 14:58 UTC
7/4/21: WID:RP-201940->RP-210716; 8/4/21: 0%->5
2020-09-25 12:53 UTC
tested: CLI part of REL-16 WI NR_CLI_RIM-Core
Parent Work Item: 800082 - Cross Link Interference (CLI) handling and Remote Interference Management (RIM) for NR
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Responsible group(s): R5
Rapporteur(s): Vijay Balasubramanian
Latest WID version: RP-210716
TSG Approval meeting: 89
PCG Approval meeting: 45
TSG Stopped meeting: -
PCG Stopped meeting: -
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