WI # 930029 - PIRates
Name: Personal IoT and Residential networks
Acronym: PIRates
Effective Acronym: PIRates
WI Level: Feature (1st level)
Type: Work Item
Status: PCG approved
Release: Rel-18
Start date: 2020-06-25
End date: 2022-12-12
Remarks (1)
Creation dateAuthorRemark
2021-12-13 10:54 UTC
; 10/12/21: WID:SP-211055->SP-211505 (chg rapporteur)
Parent Work Item: None
Child Work Items:
Study on Enhancements for Residential 5G
Study on Personal IoT Networks
Stage 1 of PIRates
Study on Personal IoT Networks
Responsible group(s): S1
Rapporteur(s): xiaowan ke (Xiaowan Ke, vivo Mobile Communications Ltd)
Latest WID version: SP-211505
TSG Approval meeting: 93
PCG Approval meeting: 47
TSG Stopped meeting: -
PCG Stopped meeting: -
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