Meeting: CT4#72
Is Revision of: C4-161515
Title: new Diameter application for MCPTT-2 and CSC-13 reference points
Contact: John M Meredith
Source: ORANGE, HPE, Motorola
TDoc Type: draft TS
For: Approval
Agenda item: 7.2.11 - Mission Critical Push To Talk over LTE protocol aspects (CT1) [MCPTT-CT]
Status: available (Download TDoc)
Release: Release 13 (Frozen)
Specification: 29.283 - Diameter data management applications
Version: 0.1.0
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MCPTT protocol aspects
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2016-02-22 17:22 UTCTDoc has been reservedJohn M Meredith
2016-02-29 07:58 UTCTDoc has been uploadedKimmo Kymalainen