Meeting: SA2#110
Is Revision of: -
Title: TR 23.718 Version 1.0.0 for Reference
Contact: Tao Sun
Source: China Mobile
TDoc Type: draft TR
For: Information
Agenda item: 6.7 - Flexible Mobile Service Steering (FMSS)
Status: noted (Download TDoc)
Release: Release 13 (Frozen)
Specification: 23.718 - Architecture enhancement for flexible mobile service steering
Version: 1.0.0
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No related Work Items
Provide the version V 1.0.0 for reference based TR if further modification of TR is needed
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2015-06-30 08:12 UTCTDoc has been reservedTao Sun
2015-06-30 13:50 UTCTDoc has been uploadedTao Sun
2015-07-14 09:50 UTCTDoc status has been changed to "noted"Maurice Pope