Meeting: SA4#89
Is Revision of: -
Title: Update of Draft TR 26.932 on UE speech and video synchronization
Contact: Stephane Proust
Source: ORANGE
TDoc Type: pCR
For: Agreement
Agenda item: 10.5 - FS_UE_VTPerf (Feasibility Study on UE characteristics and performance for Video Telephony)
Status: agreed (Download TDoc)
Specification: 26.932 - Study on User Equipment (UE) characteristics and performance for video telephony
Version: 0.1.0
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2016-06-20 07:51 UTCTDoc has been reservedStephane Proust
2016-06-21 13:07 UTCTDoc has been uploadedStephane Proust
2016-07-05 21:25 UTCTDoc status has been changed to "agreed"Paolino Usai
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