Meeting: SA4#92
Is Revision of: -
Title: Intermediate draft TR 26.909 v1.1.0
Contact: Paolino Usai
Source: Editor (Huawei)
TDoc Type: draft TR
For: Agreement
Agenda item: 8.7 - IQoE (Improved Streaming QoE Reporting in 3GPP Services and Networks)
Status: revised (Download TDoc)
Release: Release 14 (Frozen)
Specification: 26.909 - Study on improved streaming Quality of Experience (QoE) reporting in 3GPP services and networks
Version: 1.1.0
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Improved Streaming QoE Reporting in 3GPP
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2017-01-30 19:38 UTCTDoc has been reservedPaolino Usai
2017-01-30 19:38 UTCTDoc status has been changed to "revised"Paolino Usai
2017-01-30 19:47 UTCTDoc has been uploadedSystem
2017-01-31 18:16 UTCTDoc has been revised in S4-170190Paolino Usai