Meeting: SA#68
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Title: Presentation of TR 23.771 version 1.0.0: Study on system impacts of IMS emergency sessions over WLAN (Release 13)
Contact: Maurice Pope
Source: SA WG2
TDoc Type: TS or TR cover
For: Decision
Agenda item: 15.2.20 - (FS_SEW) - Study on the Support of Emergency services over WLAN
Status: noted (Download TDoc)
Release: Release 13 (Frozen)
Specification: 23.771 - Study on system impacts of IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) emergency sessions over Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)
Version: 1.0.0
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Study on Phase 1 of the Support of Emergency services over WLAN
Abstract of document: TR 23.771 studies the support of Emergency services over WLAN ('FS_SEW Study Item). This study is divided in 2 phases where the phase 1 considers simpler deployments cases such as: - support an emergency session only in case of 'Valid' UEs as in the case 1 in ยง of 23.401: the support of emergency session is only studied for UEs which (a) have valid credentials to access EPC over WLAN and (b) are authorized to connect to EPC over WLAN in the location where they initiate an emergency session. - Only existing location determination mechanisms are considered in this phase. - No Roaming cases (user not in his / her home country). - No Support of session continuity of emergency sessions at inter-access mobility. Changes since last presentation: This is the first presentation. The study for phase 1 has been carried out and conclusions made. A spin-off WID ('SEW1') is also proposed for approval at SA #67 in order to work on the corresponding normative i
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