Meeting: SA#69
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Title: TR 26.924 Study on improved end-to-end QoS handling for MTSI (QOSE2EMTSI) (Release 13) v. 2.0.0
Contact: Paolino Usai
Source: SA WG4
TDoc Type: draft TR
For: Decision
Agenda item: 13.38 - (QOSE2EMTSI) - QoS End-to-end Multimedia Telephony Service for IMS (MTSI) extensions (Stage 3)
Status: approved (Download TDoc)
Release: Release 13 (Frozen)
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Abstract of document: TR 26.924 describes the analysis of how the existing session setup and the lack end-to-end alignment of the bandwidth information can result in suboptimal resource reservation, giving under-allocation, over-allocation or both under-a
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