Meeting: SA#77
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Title: TS 23.502: Procedures for the 5G System for information
Contact: Maurice Pope
Source: SA WG2
TDoc Type: draft TS
For: Information
Agenda item: 15B.1 - (5GS_Ph1) - 5G System Architecture - Phase 1
Status: noted (Download TDoc)
Release: Release 15 (Frozen)
Specification: 23.502 - Procedures for the 5G System (5GS)
Version: 1.0.0
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5G System - Phase 1
Abstract of document: The document defines the defines the Stage 2 procedures and Network Function Services for the 5G system architecture which is described in the TS 23.501. TS 23.502 is a companion specification to TS 23.501. The TS includes stage 2 pr
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