Meeting: SA#82
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Title: Presentation of TR 23.726: 'Study on Enhancing Topology of SMF and UPF in 5G Networks (Rel-16)' for approval
Contact: Maurice Pope
Source: SA WG2
TDoc Type: draft TR
For: Approval
Agenda item: 17B.1 - (FS_ETSUN) - Study on Enhancing Topology of SMF and UPF in 5G Networks
Status: approved (Download TDoc)
Release: Release 16 (Open)
Specification: 23.726 - Study on enhancing topology of the Service Management Function (SMF) and the User Plane Function (UPF) in 5G networks
Version: 2.0.0
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Study on ETSUN
Abstract of document: TR 23.726 contains the output of the FS_ETSUN study (SID in SP-170743). The objective of this Technical Report is to study enhancements of 5GS architecture that has been defined in Rel-15 about the topology of SMF and UPF, and: 1. investigate mechanisms to enable the 3GPP system to support deployments where a SMF is not able / allowed to control UPF(s) throughout the same PLMN. 2. Study whether it is needed to enhance the capability of 5GS architecture for a UPF to be controlled by multiple SMF's (and many UPF's to be controlled by many SMFs) and, if yes, define such enhancements. The document can be found at http://www.3gpp.org/ftp/Specs/archive/23_series/23.726 Changes since last presentation to TSG SA: Completion of solutions, evaluations and generation of conclusions. Outstanding Issues: None. Contentious Issues: None.
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