Meeting: SA#82
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Title: Presentation of TR 23.734: 'Study on 5GS Enhanced support of Vertical and LAN Services (Rel-16)' for approval
Contact: Maurice Pope
Source: SA WG2
TDoc Type: draft TR
For: Approval
Agenda item: 17B.12 - (FS_Vertical_LAN) - Study on 5GS Enhanced support of Vertical and LAN Services
Status: approved (Download TDoc)
Release: Release 16 (Open)
Specification: 23.734 - Study on enhancement of 5G System (5GS) for vertical and Local Area Network (LAN) services
Version: 1.0.0
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Study on 5GS Enhanced support of Vertical and LAN Services
Abstract of document: The document is the outcome of FS_Vertical_LAN study that studies three main parts: 5G LAN, Time Sensitive Communication, Non-public network. The objective and scope of this TR is to study enhancements to 5GS that are required to fulfil Stage-1 service requirements in vertical domains. Changes since last presentation to SA: First time it is presented. The TR has been progressed to a state well above the 80% completion status and is presented for approval. Outstanding Issues: 1) Conclusion for TSN Synchronization Key Issue #3.2. It is pending RAN feedback for concluding on a specific solution option. It is expected to be concluded by SA WG2#132/2019Q2. Contentious Issues: None identified as contentious.
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