2019-03-19 Version 4.0


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July 2002 : Release of version 2.2
  - When an anonymous registers to a meeting, a mail with a link “Cancel Registration” is sent.
If the person wishes to cancel the registration, a click on this link will automatically cancel it.
If the anonymous deletes the mail, the old method (from the web) can still be used.
  - The “Representing Organization” field in the anonymous registration is now 50 characters long max.
  - An Active expert (with an EOL account) can register to a meeting as an ETSI expert
September 2001 : Release of version 2.1
  - Reshape of the application
May 2001 : Release of version 2.0
  - Anonymous registrations management
- ETSI Security control
- Joint meetings management
- Badges management for meetings participants
- Half day room allocation

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